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First Montana Title FAQ's:

Answers for agents, lenders, real estate buyers & sellers working with us.

Placing an order is as simple as submitting a request through our secure portal. Simply upload your internal order form, purchase agreement, or any document that contains your order information. Be sure to let us know who you are and any other pertinent information. Submit your request here.

You can also send your order via your own secure email service, fax, mail, or drop it by our office. We’d love you to come in say hello! Our contact information is:

A Listing Packet or Property Profile is simply a compilation of property information intended to assist the agent in completing their listing process. RESPA regulations preclude us from providing title searches, reports or insurance for free to gain or guarantee future business. Therefore, we don’t formally package this free information into any specific “product” form.

However, we are happy to provide basic publicly available information to assist you in listing your property. Here’s what may be included:

  1. A copy of the vesting deed.
  2. Copies of individually recorded Covenants (Note: since a complete title search is not undertaken, any covenants, easements or restrictions found on individual deeds would not be identified or included).
  3. Copies of specific documents that you may have referenced or requested as part of the information packet.
  4. A copy of the county property tax report.
  5. A photocopy of the related survey, plat or section map.

Title Companies Operate by instruction. This means that disbursement of funds to specific parties, the payment of any invoices or the transfer of any personal property (such as water rights or farm equipment) must be specifically requested prior to closing and appropriate information provided. Proper names, addresses and legal descriptions are necessary for both buyers and sellers to complete all closing documents. Here’s what we might need:

  1. A copy of the signed Buy-Sell Agreement including:
    • Complete address and contact information for both parties (phone numbers and emails if possible).
    • Legal description of property (in Montana an address is not always accurate or sufficient).
    • Contact information for all agents involved.
    • Commission amounts and splits (not included as part of standard Buy-Sells).
  2. Information on Deceased Parties:
    • Most deaths won’t show up in a public document search at our local court house, unless we are specifically instructed to look in death certificate files for Ravalli County. If a person passed in another county or state, the death certificate will not be referenced anywhere in county records. Please notify us if a party to a sale is deceased. A death certificate may be required to close.
  3. Water Rights information:
    • While we may do a preliminary search for water rights through the DNRC website, verification of water rights, unfiled wells, or lake and ditch shares are the responsibility of the Seller and their agent. We’re happy to complete and file appropriate forms to transfer water rights on information you provide.
  4. Trust, Partnership, or Corporation documents:
    • We will need declaration and signature pages for all trusts, partnerships or corporations (to verify vesting and who can sign). Even when we’ve done previous work for a particular client, legal documents change constantly and must be reviewed each time. First Montana Title Company does not maintain a database of private legal documents for clients.
  5. Loan/Creditor Account Numbers:
    • If you represent a Seller who has underlying loans, liens or creditors that must be paid off to close, please provide account numbers and the last 4 digits of the client’s social security number. Many creditors will require a signed authorization from a customer. You can download a copy here .

Although certain times of year are busier than others in Montana, we are generally able to produce a preliminary title commitment within 5 business days. First Montana Title Company does the most comprehensive title research in Ravalli County. As the only company with a complete onsite title plant, we regularly identify and solve title issues impossible to find or correct through the online search process used by other companies.

Our examiners have decades of experience in research and real estate transaction analysis in the Bitterroot Valley, and are relied on regularly to research and answer questions for County and State government, local banks, mortgage companies, real estate agents and attorneys. Settlement statements are generally prepared 3 days prior to closing to allow for review by agents and the parties involved.

Statements produced earlier than this generally require correction for payoff and prorated amounts. Most lenders also dictate the pace of the settlement process, and we must rely heavily on their documents and timelines. All in all, 14 business days are usually necessary to close a transaction. First Montana Title Company may charge an additional fee for rush requests.