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Boyd Kanenwisher
Boyd Kanenwisher

Sales/Marketing Executive

Boyd is a sales, marketing, and business development executive at First Montana Title Company

Boyd is married to an incredible woman with three wonderful daughters, and he has spent his adult life building and helping others to build, successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Boyd is a dynamic and highly experienced corporate leader, team builder, revenue driver, and operational executive of more than 20 years; having created and operated organizations generating more than $100 million in annual revenue. He is a proven business development and management consultant, with advanced expertise in strategic marketing, dynamic sales, business case and key driver program creation, and identifying value across diverse channels, organizations, and business lines.

His specific professional expertise is in social media and digital content marketing, channel partnership creation, data monetization, inbound/outbound demand generation, branding, product development, financial and real estate services, supply chain management and retail partnerships.